Constructors Cup – 2015

Sorry about the late posting, however I had intended to make this post earlier but we failed to get any publicity snaps of the constructors cup so I really didn’t wish to appear dull. The results are as follows.

In First place with this 200v Inverter for powering Valve equipment from 12v source while portable, scratch built inc the PCB etc, G3TPJ Oliver Tillett showing fine craftsmanship and detailing.

And the runner up award went to G8PMU Steve Lambert with his power supply for a Clansman radio, that he was kind enough to bring up and demonstrate. Again outstanding quality and had hand wound transformers included.

I had intentions of bringing my 30v 3a PSU, mostly kit built “however” some thought went into the measuring and metering and the fail safe electronic fuse which I am currently working on. As I was not entirely satisfied it was complete, it stayed at home.

For me….hhmmmm……perhaps next year…..

Updated: 13th November 2015 — 16:39

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