Trick and Tips with coax – A talk by John Regnault G4SWX

We were privileged to have John Regnault G4SWX return to the club, only this time to tackle all things coax, attenuators and stub filters. A lot of the people attending the talk agreed that they had taken away a lot more information on just how to make off cuts to full lengths of coax do more than just act as normal feeder. I had seen many images and other peoples stubs and filters with coax but admit never had built one myself…..well at least not with coax.




John with his years of expert knowledge put into text what I had yet to grasp after reading for many months on the web and still left me a little bemused…and confused. Its one thing seeing it on the web, I guess and another actually having the physical evidence in your hands. Looking over Johns props made me just realise that I really had little to fear and there is quite a bit of maths involved in making a successful filter or tuned coax stub but there’s also a lot of physical work in the tuning. Leaving out most of the maths for this talk it was very easy to understand the fundamental without ever losing sight of the overall aim.

All in all, another fantastic talk with no loose ties. Its always good to have John at the club and I would urge anyone who has ever wondered how they can snuffle stray signals or RF; look into Stubs and filters using coax a little more. Zapping bad RF is something we all must keep an eye on. Having someone who can show you how best to go about it….now that’s worth its weight in…Gold.



Updated: 26th November 2015 — 00:07

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