Training at the Havering Amateur Radio Club was previously a little ‘up and down’. Nowadays however everyone is pulling together nicely to give 100% to the trainees. Here is Steve G8PMU overseeing Michael M3DOV getting to grips with resistor colour codes, coax plugs and mains plugs. Refreshing to see our trainees know (without being taught) how to check a mains plug for all the correct ratings, fuses etc.

                                  Watch this space to read of more happy souls.

One student had an interesting tale. He was ready to sit the exam, only one problem – no exam papers. This was when people were murdered on Westminster Bridge and the ‘keeper of the papers’ was held safe in the Houses of Parliament. Unable to leave for hours he was unable to attend the exam and bring the papers. Fortunately the exam was reset for a few days later. Again we got worried. The exam was due to start at 5pm. Three of us were expecting the student to arrive in good time but 5pm had come and gone! He finally arrived 10 minutes late having been held up on a long train journey. Since the exam had to be finished by 6pm it was a bit of a toss-up with regards explaining rules or just getting on with it. No worries however, being a bright spark he completed the paper in half an hour and passed, phew!

Well done to Ken 2E0KFJ who passed the intermediate exam. There were about 45 questions if I remember correctly and Ken only got a couple wrong. I’m not surprised really as there were some awkward ones which would have had me pondering for quite a while too, and probably ticking the wrong box. Well done to Bill our latest exam entrant. Early on in the marking we got worried but after a few ‘bad starts’ the sheet became a clean sweep thereafter.

Well done to Neil (2E0OYY), just sat his final exam and feels he has passed. Also congratulations to Ken and Steven who have just done the Foundation exam. We have one more entrant to go before the new syllabus starts. We have two more currently preparing for the 2019 Foundation.



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