Classifieds – items for sale

Here is a new page that will show members items for sale. We aim to connect buyers and sellers with a very small commission for the club.

  • Eddystone 770R –looks very clean, plugged in, lights up. No aerial attached yet so basically not tested. Will check out if someone is interested. SOLD AT CANVEY RALLY
  • Yaesu FL50B — 3.5 to 30 Mc/s pre – WARC bands, 50watt Transmitter. With handbook. Very clean condition.                                                       SOLD AT CANVEY RALLY.
  • Yaesu FR50B — 3.5 to 29.2 Mc/s pre-WARC bands Reciever. With handbook. Very clean condition.                                                                SOLD AT CANVEY RALLY.
  • Valves –– probably 50 -100 altogether, Power valves i.e. 6146, 807, 813. Higher frequency (what look like) double tetrodes, 832 etc.. Many metalised valves 12sk7, 12c8 etc. Several small scope tubes. Quite a lot of octals of the domestic receiver type. These are selling well.
  • 432 Mc/s cavities (adjustable), four silver plated cavities in a new wooden cradle. Each one about the size of a large ‘bulk’ coffee tin.
  • Yaesu FT101E. Analogue scale model. Super condition externally, not much dust inside either! Ex silent key sale, not used for many years. Audio pot noisy. Receives AM & LSB ok but USB no-op probably due to dicky panel switch. Loads of RF out on CW. On Sideband no PA bias appears on the meter. Haven’t wired up a mic. yet so don’t know how / if it sounds ok. Handbook plus loads of period technical update info sheets from Holdings of Blackburn dated 1975. This was sold and with a tweek working very well I’m told.

Contact us via Club. or send a landline telephone number to G3TPJ QTHR.


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