Here is a new page that will show members items for sale. We aim to connect buyers and sellers with a very small commission for the club.

  • Valves –– loads more just arrived, 6BW6s’, miniature 807s’ stacks of small ones in boxes. Just around 20 of the old ones left, including a two inch scope tube.
  • 432 Mc/s cavities (adjustable), four silver plated cavities in a new wooden cradle. Each one about the size of a large ‘bulk’ coffee tin.
  • C8900 Standard 2m FM 12v rig.
  • Trolozoid, unused circa 1944, original waxed paper wrapping, canvas bag and matching serial number magnetic amplifier.
  • PYE M290 series 70Mc/s 2 channel AM transceiver.
  • SMC 317L6 5 band PMR VHF FM handheld transceiver.
  • HA12R Howes CW training oscillator.
  • ACER AD 110-Aw laptop + PSU & case, LINUX.
  • IBM 380Z laptop + PSU & case, Windows 2000.
  • Satellite Finder kit, PG-753,Meter, 950 – 1550 MHz, compass and pouch.
  • Craven Instruments audio amp Mk 2. Boxed as new for use with domestic film projectors.
  • Pakrat 232 Model PK232
  • Pye M280 crystaled for 70.250MHz
  • Dividal 4 input mic. mixer.
  • Partridge crystal set in ABS box, MW and SW switched.
  • Plessey LSB conversion boards, for either the PRC320 or PRC321
  • FT817 (SOLD)
  • MORSE KEYS of all types (FEW LEFT)
  • Foot long Vacuum Variable EE U3000/3/40J (SOLD)
  • MFJ 949E (with 1 duff meter)
  • Low pass filters
  • Panel meters
  • Oscerblock SWR200 2KW 160 – 2m, 52 – 75 Ohm switched

Contact us via Club (see Contact us) or send a landline telephone number to G3TPJ QTHR.

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